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Head Hunter Scents is an independent, dealer-oriented company.

In 1994 we started producing two quality hunting scent products and one of the best logos in the industry. Deer Nip Attractant and Humus Cover Scent are totally unique in the market, and our customers love to call us and say, "These products really work!"

New for 1995 hunting season we introduced Ghost Human Scent Neutralizer and Buck Trap, tarsal gland attractant.

In 1996 we started attending dealer only trade shows to expand our dealer market base at the IDO Show, the AMO and the Shot Show. There we introduced refill bottles for Humus and Ghost products along with our line of soaps, Ghost Hair & Body Soap and Ghost Clothes Wash, which completed our Total Neutralizing System.

Our success has come from products that work and a customer base that demands the best at fair market values. You can find our products at independent archery and sporting goods stores across the United States.

In 1999 we picked up our distributor in Monaco (ROC Imports) who distributes our products in twelve countries from Spain to Japan.

In 2007 we picked up our distributor here in the USA, (Pape's Archery Supply) and we are expecting big things from Pape's and their market base of quality dealers and archery supply stores.

Good luck hunting and remember that if you harvest a deer it's just an extra! Enjoy the great outdoors with your friends.

Craig W. Patton
Head Hunter Scents, Inc.         

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